Age Verification

At Fume, ensuring your safety and security is our utmost priority. We've established a meticulous Verification Policy to guarantee a secure and responsible vaping experience for our valued customers. This policy aims to prevent fraudulent activities and aligns with legal age restrictions.

Verification Procedure for Orders Over $100:

For purchases amounting to $100 or more, we require customers to undergo a verification process, confirming both identity and age. This step is aligned with our commitment to combat fraud and comply with age-related regulations.

How It Operates:

When placing an order exceeding $100, our team will send you an email requesting the following details:

  • Credit Card Information: To validate your payment method and protect against unauthorized use.
  • Identification (ID): To verify that you are of legal age (21 years or older) for purchasing our products. Accepted IDs include a valid driver's license or government-issued identification.

Why Verification is Essential:

  • Fraud Prevention: Verification of credit card information ensures that the order is placed by the authorized cardholder, minimizing the risk of fraudulent transactions.
  • Age Confirmation: Our dedication to adhering to legal age requirements remains unwavering. Irrespective of local age policies, we exclusively serve customers aged 21 or older.

Your Information's Security Matters:

Rest assured, your credit card details are handled with the highest level of care and security. We implement industry-standard encryption and security measures to safeguard your sensitive information. Your data remains confidential and is never shared with third parties.

The Significance of Age Verification:

We strictly adhere to an age policy, catering exclusively to individuals aged 21 or older. This commitment is central to our ethos of promoting responsible vaping. We encourage all customers to comply with local age restrictions regarding vaping and nicotine product purchases.

Adhering to our Verification Policy collectively ensures that vaping remains a safe and responsible choice for adults.

For any inquiries or concerns about our Verification Policy or the security of your data, please reach out to our customer support team.

Thank you for choosing Fume for your vaping necessities.